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if you like to host parties, put together gifts, enjoy simple fashion, or delight in decor... you're in the right place. it's nothing too special, but my lifestyle... it's simply Kristen!

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K R I S T E N  C A L L A W A Y


There has always been so many things I want to do + pursue, but giving it my all to my family and being involved in my community is what I enjoy doing full time. As much as I'd like more hours in the day to do all. the. things [if you've been here awhile, you know I've dabbled in many different industries / had lots of ventures] simply being me, and sharing my perfectly imperfect world through a lens + my raw thoughts is what I enjoy the most.

Weird how that works...

This is my creative space to share my finds, my DIYs, my successful + failed mom-ents while I'm on my third cup of coffee or third glass of wine because I find joy in finding the perfect gift, a cute outfit for a simple occasion, hosting a party, all things home + family and I'll sacrifice sleep to make sure it's done how I envisioned. This isn't a place for perfection so get in your daily laughs [it's good for the soul] + save your energy on correcting any errors... sometimes I move too fast, and sometimes I just like it that way; this is just for fun...this is simply me

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